The Ultimate Forest Friends Cross Stitch Collection!

Step into a magical world of fairies, pixies and forest creatures with this new, limited-edition collection of 55 fairytale- and woodland-themed cross stitch designs.

From picturesque landscapes to playful gnomes and woodland animals, you'll find a huge range of enchanting projects from all your favourite designers.

Exclusive from DMC, we have the stunning Larch Fairy, while from Anchor we've got gorgeous giant charts of forest creatures and meadow scenes. 

Cross stitch a card for Valentine's Day

Cross stitch valentines day cards - CrossStitcher February issue 262

Who said Valentine's Day cards have to be smushy? In our February issue, you'll find a set of paired-up animal silhouette cards that are as cool as they are affectionate. Choose from penguins, birds, elephants, squirrels or download this extra owls design and complete the set...

Say 'thank you' with super-cute cross stitched greetings cards

CrossStitcher January issue thank you cards

Now the New Year has arrived, it's time to say thank you for all those lovely gifts and heartfelt dinners we've enjoyed over the festive holiday. In CrossStitcher's January issue you'll find this cuddly set of greetings cards, which we think are perfect for doing just that!

To get you started, here's an extra design for you to download. Find the rest in our January issue (261).

FREE 'Patchwork Pals' by Jane Prutton

Patchwork Pals cross stitch animal cards

In CrossStitcher issue 250, we're going all out for cute spring-like designs to banish those February blues and these adorable animal cards (inspired by the technique of patchwork!) are no exception.

You can use your leftover threads to stitch these little characters up and get creative with brown paper and string to give them a rustic finish. Perfect for patchwork fans and animal lovers alike.

patchwork caterpillar cross stitch cardYou'll find an owl, hedgehog, snail and tortoise on pages 74 - 77 of CrossStitcher issue 250 - on sale until 20th March.

If you can't wait to get started, you'll be pleased to know we've got this caterpillar design you can download for free!
Click on the chart to download our handy PDF.

Don't forget to send us photos of your finished designs or share them our facebook page and Flickr group.