Happy Halloween stitchers!


This weekend stitchers and crafters alike will be trying their hand at pumpkin carvings in preparation for the costume cladded children playing Trick or Treat that will inevitably turn up at their door.

But, if your a die-hard stitcher why bother with all the mess of a real pumpkin when you can create something as wonderful at this one (above) by Meg over at Elsie Marley?

halloween2010_3.jpgOk ok, so it hasn't got a candle but we think using decorating a fake pumpkin with cross stitch is a pretty awesome idea.

If you're looking for some last minute inspiration, check out this free pumpkin border from Coats.

Or download some dinky Halloween charts from Hobbyloco.

Whatever you get up to stitching, send us a photo. We love to see what you've been stitching...

Happy Halloween folks!

[via craftzine]